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We are Informatics students from Duta Wacana Christian University, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.
This project were developed as the final project for Component-Based Programming.

Our team are :

  • Kristian Adi Nugraha
  • Agus Trianto
  • Herlina
  • Yosef Triadi


Project Description
Super Clock is a component for .NET environment. It makes user build an application that need a clock component easier.
Super Clock have many features like stopwatch, changeable skin, event setter, and etc.


Download Now!
Come on, download this component now.
And you will get the easiest way when build an application with clock component


Feedback & Support
If you find a bug or think of a better feature, you can use the Issue Tracker tab to submit your request.
Or, if you need some helps to use this component, use the Discussion Tab to ask your question. We will answer it immediately.
If this component helps you when build an application and you like it, please give some reviews.



Super Clock

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