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How to use Super Clock ?
We give you some instructions to use this component step by step. Or, for further details, please download this document.
1. You have to install Visual Basic .Net Framework 4 because Super Clock works in this software.
2. Copy folder SuperClock into C:\. This folder consists of default pictures and database from developers.
3. Run the Visual Basic .NET Framework 4 application and create a new project with the type of Windows Forms Application.

New Project

4. Right click on the Toolbox and select "Choose Items".

Choose Item

5. Select the tab. NET Framework Components in the dialog box that appears and then click Browse.


6. Open the folder SuperClock and open the file ClassLibrary11.dll in the following path C:\SuperClock\Component\ClassLibrary11.dllAdding Componenet

7. Click the Open button and then OK.
8. After that, Super Clock would appear in the Toolbox.

Super Clock

9. You can directly use Super Clock by drag it into the project form.

Well Done

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